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What Is The Purpose Of Life?

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There are many purposes to life, according to science, scriptures and spiritual writings. These include physically finding food, water and shelter to simply stay alive, to rearing offspring to mentally learning things to help achieve this.

However, there is one fundamental purpose underlying all these.
Science shows there is something common to all this, to all you see, do and experience. When looking for the fundamental reason for your existence, the purpose of life and your individual meaning in it, you need to start at the most fundamental level of everything.
At its most fundamental level we know that everything, yes absolutely everything you see and experience is made of energy - and everything is ultimately the result of this energy, its flow and interaction.

One of the most important and fundamental principles of energy is that it doesn't like differences. It doesn't like sharp variations in temperature, pressure or chemical concentration and works out ways to reduce and balance them. Energy flows from where it is concentrated and spreads out to become equalized or balanced. Energy concentrated in the sun, for example, flows and spreads out through the colder solar system as it balances throughout the universe. Some of the sun's energy, its light, hits the Earth warming different parts of the planet to different temperatures. The resulting differences in temperature, air pressure and more are major factors in creating the weather. The various elements of weather, such as wind, are ways that nature tries to balance the differences—creating a wide and complex variety of environments as it does so.

As energy initially flowed it joined with other bits of energy and created particles. Some of those particles bumped into and joined with other particles, and some of these joinings helped energy flow better. Some of these particles joined with others and became chemicals and then molecules. Some of these underwent more and more complex reactions, helping disperse energy even more efficiently. Some thrived, even replicated, as they captured and redistributed the sun's energy. Slowly, but surely, molecules and compounds of increasing complexity formed and helped energy flow even better.

This process built upon itself, with chemicals and molecules mixing together and influencing each other to form complex cocktails that eventually formed primitive cells. Over time, some of those developed into living organisms and life as we know it. The chemistry was very important, but it was the energy flow underlying those chemical reactions that was key, say scientists, and human life is ultimately derived from these complex cycles of energy flow and transformations. It is not genes that are the fundamentals of life; they are just a replicating mechanism. Genes are turned off and on by energy and it is the flow of energy that is the fundamental to life.

Human life is one of the most effective ways to disperse energy, as one of the most common ways for energy to flow and spread is as heat—and we produce lots of this.

Energy is integral to life, to your life. Every moment of your existence your body works to keep energy flowing. Every second you breathe air, you add food and water to replace the energy you use. Everything you sense or do is connected to the flow of energy in one form or another. You are so used to this energy flow that you hardly notice it. It is the ultimate process of your life. If your energy stops flowing you die: flowing energy differentiates living creatures from dead ones.

As such, the ultimate purpose of all life—including human life—is to help energy flow and balance.

Is the flow of energy what people sense during spiritual experiences? Are spiritual experiences just a natural phenomenon of energy flowing that we occasionally sense and have attributed greater meaning to?
Whatever you believe, whether you agree with the science or not energy is integral to life. Yet few of us ever consider this and the difference that in doing so can make to your life – and how it can explain the meaning of your life.


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