Will Life End When I Die?
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What is the purpose of life versus what is the meaning of your own life?
Isn't it the same question, you might ask? It's not!

While there are many purposes to life, such as surviving, raising children and more, there is one over-riding - ultimate - purpose to all life.

Science shows that at its most fundamental level, everything - yes absolutely everything you see and experience - is made of energy. Everything, including life, is ultimately the result of this energy, its flow and interaction. In short, the flow of energy created life and life helps energy flow better.

In contrast, there is individual meaning to your own life, your own energy.

Scientists suggest the laws of energy indicate that a meaning of your life is to find and convey information and then use it to bring about change through some sort of work.

Is this science echoing those scriptures that suggest you have your own unique 'gift' that you should use? What does your energy enable you to do best? This can be as simple as determining what you are truly passionate about or what you do better than anyone else. Unfortunately, many of us are not. As such, the individual meaning of your life is for you to discover what makes your energy flow best within you.

How you use energy best varies for everyone. Therefore, everyone has a slightly different meaning to someone else.

In short, while the purpose of all life is about helping energy flow, spread and balance, your individual meaning is about determining how you do this best, what you do that helps your energies flow best.

What Is Your Soul?

Dictionaries, encyclopedias and other writings say the soul is the nonphysical part of you that gives you life and encompasses your personality and conscience. Scriptures refer to your soul leaving your body after death and continuing forever.

This means your physical brain, or even the nerves of your mind, can't be your soul as they cannot continue on.

Your soul has to be comprised of energy, as energy is the only thing that is eternal.

Biblical phrases clearly say, "God is spirit" and that the Holy Spirit is within you, as well as outside and that it somehow directs you.

This makes scientific sense if you replace the word "spirit" with "energy". Your brain is obviously something physical, while spirit equates to nonphysical energy, which suggests that your soul is the way non-physical energy flows around the physical nerve circuits in your brain and body.

As such, your soul is the way your energy flows and interacts within you, as well as the world without—your energy patterns, flow and interactions.  Image_-_hands_n_sun


Purpose vs Meaning

It is important to note that there is a difference between the ultimate purpose of all life and your own individual meaning in life.

Science has revealed the first and in a breakthrough in The Ultimate Meaning of Life book, is now showing how your own life has individual meaning.

This has a lot to do with energy.

Energy that differentiates a living body from a dead corpse, differentiates you from the 25 or so chemicals that you are composed of. While all our chemicals might be the same, the energy mixed with them is different in each of us. For example, while we all have bodies with similar brains with a similar number of nerves in each, the way those nerves are connected is different in each of us.

The experiences, learnings and resulting nerve connections are unique and are what makes you whom you are, makes your character and personality. Science can't specifically tell us precisely how your character and personality works, but we each know we have one that stares at us from the mirror each day. Your character cannot be easily seen, even described or its location pinpointed in scientific terms, but it exists - through the interaction of energy.


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