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What Is The Purpose Of Life?

There are many purposes to life, according to science, scriptures and spiritual writings. These include physically finding food, water and shelter to simply stay alive, to rearing offspring to mentally learning things to help achieve this.

However, there is one fundamental purpose underlying all these.
Science shows there is something common to all this, to all you see, do and experience. When looking for the fundamental reason for your existence, the purpose of life and your individual meaning in it, you need to start at the most fundamental level of everything.
At its most fundamental level we know that everything, yes absolutely everything you see and experience is made of energy - and everything is ultimately the result of this energy, its flow and interaction.


What Is The Meaning Of Your Life?

While religions teach many different things, overall, most Western religions suggest the objective of life is to lead a "good life," to improve your soul, ahead of some sort of judgment and another form of existence that is ultimately closer to God.

Eastern, and some other, religions suggest a slightly different meaning to life. Taoism teaches that the meaning of life is to learn how to rejoin with the "oneness" of the universe, through self-realization and improvement. The ancient rishi sages of India believed the difference between people and the universe was a matter of degree, rather than composition. If a person could align themselves with the energy of the universe they would gradually become aligned with the cosmos.

This is echoed by the Dalai Lama, who suggests that you do not have to develop your soul, but simply become part of the universe. Hindus believe that your soul is eternal and that the meaning of life is to perfect your spirit. This can take many lifetimes.


What is a Spiritual Experience?

What is a spiritual experience?
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