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My Ultimate Meaning Of Life

Image-woman_RL_SEPIA What is the purpose of life? What is the meaning of your own life?

Have you ever asked yourself "what is the meaning of life" or "why am I here?" If you have, your search for the answers is almost over. On the following pages, the purpose of life and the meaning of individual life are revealed.

These answers are shared with you to make your life easier. This site promotes no religion or spiritual organization. There are no hidden agendas: though if you want more detail there are books available. While many valuable books have made suggestions, The Ultimate Meaning of Life is unique in that for the first time it provides objective answers that reconcile ancient scriptures, spiritual writings and modern science to provide practical and personal ways to make your life easier and more meaningful.

This site enables you to tap into the wisdom of the past and present, science and spirituality and provides detailed understanding of - and real answers to - questions we all ask. These powerful answers here and in the book - the result of three decades of searching, studying and comparative analysis - bust myths about happiness, God, Love and more.

Read on to find your own individual meaning in life and answers to other big questions, such as:

  • Why were you born?
  • What you should be doing in life?
  • What does it all mean?

Answers To Big Questions

KeyWe each know we are more than our bodies, more than our minds - there is something else, another level beyond our bodies and minds. What else is there?

Science is beginning to reveal this - something people have recognised for centuries – a life force generally known as 'spirit'. Cultures throughout the ages have referred to this life force that powers us. In ancient Greece, there was a tradition of life breath known as 'pneuma'. In ancient Rome, the Latin word 'spiritus' also meant breath of life and provided the basis for the English words spirit and spirituality – and God is spirit, says the Bible.

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About Us

Fortunate to realise the meaning of life, our mission is to now share it with interested people. 
The author is a former, award-winning, journalist who has studied the world's religions and scriptures, along with with the latest scientific developments over three decades, to provide multi-disciplinary,objective answers to life's big questions.He is also the author of 'Soul Power: Science,Spirituality and the Search for the Soul". 

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