Will Life End When I Die?
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Who Are You?

Girl_with_sunThe answer to this big question is comparatively easy—though we have a tendency to complicate it.

Religion says you are made in God's image. Science says you are composed of twenty-five chemicals. While the scientific answer is physically true, it doesn't answer the individual question of "Who are you?" as you are obviously very different from a jar containing these chemicals!

Despite us all being comprised of these same basic elements, we are obviously very different from each other.

There are a range of reasons for this difference, starting with the way these elements are put together. Physically, you are these chemicals as put together by your genes—bits from your mother, parts of your father, some of your grandparents, as well as how you exercise (or don't exercise). Mentally, you are what you think and do: with your thoughts stemming from what you have experienced and learned or been told. The mixing and interaction of these physical and mental aspects creates a huge variety of people and personalities. Each time a person is born, a different individual grows.

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