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Order the ebook The Ultimate Meaning of Life (and other really big answers). It is a scholarly investigation of the purpose and meaning of life and contains objective answers that reconciles ancient scriptures, science and spirituality to explain what is happening around and to you. (It does not promote any religion or spiritual organisation.)

Read by Dr Wayne Dyer, who commented "what science says comes from God [the source]".

"Energy is the essence of life. Every day you decide how you're going to use it..." Oprah Winfrey.

Other praise for The Ultimate Meaning of Life includes: 
"An owner's manual for your life."
"Answers to questions that I had been asking for years."
"Probably the most powerful book you'll ever read."
"Possibly the greatest revelation of our generation."
"If you only buy one book this year, make sure it's this one."
"Monumental in that it provides the substance that every other book on spirituality and motivation misses. If you have ever read a scripture or book on spirituality you should read this."
"If you do not learn something important about yourself or life from this book, then you are simply not reading."
"One of the best gifts you can give someone (or yourself) – the meaning of life."
"Is this what various prophecies are referring to? The real secret to life."
"At last, real answers to your big questions. Answers that will make a difference to your life."

Would you like more on the purpose and meaning of your own life?
Chapters in the book include: P_-_Cover_web
• What's the greatest conspiracy?
• What's the purpose of life? (Yes there is an actual purpose to life!)
• Is there a God? (Not as you've been taught)
• What is the meaning of your life? (Your life does have meaning!)
• Who are you? (Be surprised)
• Does your life contribute to something bigger? (It does)
• How do you find your own answers?
• What's the biggest challenge you face?
• How to be happy
• Why is love so powerful?
• Is there life after death?
• Other big questions and answers
• What does it all mean?

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