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Can You Really Find Your Soulmate?

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Image_-_coupleGiven that your soul is the way energy flows within you, finding your soul mate is a matter of finding a person with whom your energy connects, integrates and where it strengthens each person's energy— to the point where it creates something stronger than that of either individual alone or even together.

Besides the spiritual energy connection, you most probably also need the mental and physical connections to truly connect with another.
How your energy connects with that of other people varies and is therefore up to you to explore and find others whose energy interacts with you best. You can not 'see' this; you have to interact, sense and experience it for yourself.

Another important element to consider is how you love: do you love lustfully or lovingly? There is big difference between the two—one is more selfish and the other selfless. Or consider it this way: If you make love focusing on your physical energy, your physical body, that is what you will sense.
If you focus on and add 'mental' energy, love can rise to another level and you can sense more. If you are able to add spiritual energy, you will experience something even more. If you are able to bring together all these various energies with those of another person, love becomes an even more wondrous experience. There is nothing quite like a 'spiritual' orgasm, one that transcends the usual physical and mental ones.
This makes love not so much about you, but rather about adding positive energy to all. You can hopefully progress up to 'higher' energies, move from personal and human energy to secret and secret-of-secret energies and discover other levels of love.
Some people suggest ultimate love is not with another person, but rather meshing your energy with that of God or the universe.
As such, the biggest issue with love is not in doing it or not, but rather how you do it.
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