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Quantum Darwinism?

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Physicists have found that the transition from the quantum to the classical world occurs due to a quantum form of natural selection. In the quantum world, many possible quantum states “collapse” into a single state – or waves of energy - due to interactions with the environment around them. The final stable state is called a “pointer state” and these are “fit enough” to be transmitted through the environment without collapsing and can make copies of themselves that can be observed on the macroscopic scale. Although everything in our world is quantum at its core, our classical view of the universe is ultimately determined by these pointer states. read more.


New Insights Into Brain Energy

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Doctors and scientists have traditionally disregarded 90% of the signals when they monitor brain waves as they believed it was irregular “noise”. At last, researchers have realized that these “other” waves may contain significant information about how the brain works. The Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis found previously unrecognized patterns and that putting the brain to work on a simple task can change those patterns. read more.

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