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Can you live on energy?

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A man in India purportedly lives on nothing but air and energy. Yogi Prahlad Jani astounded a team of military doctors who observed him contuinuously over two-weeks and found he ate or drank nothing. He said he lived just on air and the energy of the universe. read more.

Feeling down?

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Being outside in nature for just 20 minutes is enough to significantly boost your vitality, according to a study by the Unviersity of Rochester. Go on, get up and go outside, then come back to us! read more.


Improve Your Mind To See More

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How you see isn't just about how good your eyes are - it's also about your mind. A recent experiment found that if someone was told that exercise would improve their vision, they saw better after doing athletic activity. The findings suggest that vision is influenced by the mind and might be improved by improving your mindset. read more.

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