Will Life End When I Die?
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Many of us are looking for more from life, more than can be found at work, at home, in hobbies, or even in relationships. Some of us turn to religion, others to new age ideas or other paths to make better sense of our lives.
More of us than ever before are seeking to learn more about our souls and how to nurture our spirituality.
Yet, few of us are finding the spiritual answers we seek. Why is this so?
The search for meaning in life can take us to strange places. What is the strangest place it has taken you? Let us know! Click here to post your own answer
The search for meaning has taken me from outback Australia, to the tops of mountains, to the depths of my mind, to the pyramids, to divorce and further. Probably the strangest place, for me, was a cave in the Mexican jungle.
For some reason, I felt that finding my meaning could be found in dark deep holes and have since explored caves around the world, (physically as well as figuratively as caving also involves exploring your own mind, in particular your fears of darkness and confined spaces.)

Dictionaries, encyclopedias and other writings say the soul is the nonphysical part of you that gives you life and encompasses your personality and conscience. Scriptures refer to your soul leaving your body after death and continuing forever. This means your physical brain, or even the nerves of your mind, can't be your soul as they cannot continue on.
Your soul has to be comprised of energy, as energy is the only thing that is eternal.

Biblical phrases clearly say, "God is spirit" and that the Holy Spirit is within you, as well as outside and that it somehow directs you. This makes scientific sense if you replace the word "spirit" with "energy".Your brain is obviously something physical, while spirit equates to nonphysical energy, which suggests that your soul is the way nonphysical energy flows around the physical nerve circuits in your brain and body.

As such, your soul is the way your energy flows and interacts within you, as well as the world without—your energy patterns, flow and interactions.

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