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Keys to Life

Following is a summary of some of the keys revealed in The Ultimate Meaning to Life; helpful hints that can make your life easier:

* Everything—the universe, life, you—is comprised of energy.
* Energy conveys information, enables change and can do work.
* Energy seeks to flow, spread and balance throughout the universe.
* Life helps energy flow.
* Everything changes over time: nothing grows without changing—energy enables that change.
* Change is inevitable; growth is optional. Keep learning to keep growing.
* If you want something to change, just wait. (Though change will happen faster if you act.)
* You are more than your body, more than your mind; you are also the energy that powers these.
* The way that energy interacts is key.
* Consider your energy and how you use it.
* Your energy underlies your perceptions, learning, memories, thoughts and emotions and as such underpins your character, your psychology—you.
* Awaken and become aware of your various energies, their flow and interactions.
* Get your energies flowing together harmoniously for the greatest benefit.
* You are the one who can control your energy and make its flow benefit you.
* Harness and use your energy, rather than just react to external forces.
* Consider what your energies are enabling and what you can do best with them.Key
* Emotions are energy in action. 
* Letting go equates to letting energy flow.
* It is up to you to save yourself, no one else or thing.
* Change yourself, rather than trying to change others.
* You cannot always control what happens, but you can control how you respond to it: control your own energy, rather than try to control others or possess things.
* You can add or subtract energy from yourself, to others—to the world.
* Life is an enfoldment, not an accumulation—especially not an accumulation of things.
* Attachment is a source of suffering, as it stops energy flowing.
* If you realize that all things change, then you won't try to hold on to them.
* Where attention goes energy flows.
* Act—energy works better with momentum.
* You don't have to compete for personal energy; there is plenty to go around.
* Doing things in a "loving" manner is energetically easier than doing them in a "negative" way.
* To change your circumstances change your energy flow.
* It is only when you stop asking important questions that you are truly lost.
* It is not a matter of how you look, but how you see.


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