Will Life End When I Die?
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Are you worthwhile?

altOne of the biggest, yet unrecognised, challenges for many people today is how to meet their need for 'self esteem'.
This need was recognised by Abraham Maslow in his famous pyramid of human needs, needs that we each need fulfilled in our life. It was ranked the second highest need.
And many of us are struggling with it today!
Many people think it is 'ego'; but that is incorrect. 
Others think they can fulfil their need for self-esteem by buying a fancy handbag, shoes, clothes or other branded item to suggest that they have 'made it', that they are better than others.
Increasing population, urbanisation and overall competition sends many people along the path that they have to be better than others, that they have to be near the 'top' (what ever that means to them) to have self esteem.
Sooner or later they realise that is not enough.
Others serve people, be good, etc to try and feel better about themselves, to achieve positive self esteem.
But true self-esteem is where you feel good about yourself. 
It is where you know are worthwhile.
Branded goods, money, competitive sports focus on your ageing body do not do that long-term.
It can only be achieved by others recognising and reiterating that you are a worthy person.
And the people who care for you are the ones who are most important in this respect.
Accordingly, you need a partner who says such - says that you are a worthy, a great individual.
This is a major aspect of true love. One that makes you feel even more loved.
Does your lover do that?
Do you for your friends, family, loves, partner?
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Keys to Life

Following is a summary of some of the keys revealed in The Ultimate Meaning to Life; helpful hints that can make your life easier:

* Everything—the universe, life, you—is comprised of energy.
* Energy conveys information, enables change and can do work.
* Energy seeks to flow, spread and balance throughout the universe.
* Life helps energy flow.
* Everything changes over time: nothing grows without changing—energy enables that change.
* Change is inevitable; growth is optional. Keep learning to keep growing.
* If you want something to change, just wait. (Though change will happen faster if you act.)
* You are more than your body, more than your mind; you are also the energy that powers these.
* The way that energy interacts is key.
* Consider your energy and how you use it.
* Your energy underlies your perceptions, learning, memories, thoughts and emotions and as such underpins your character, your psychology—you.
* Awaken and become aware of your various energies, their flow and interactions.
* Get your energies flowing together harmoniously for the greatest benefit.
* You are the one who can control your energy and make its flow benefit you.
* Harness and use your energy, rather than just react to external forces.
* Consider what your energies are enabling and what you can do best with them.Key
* Emotions are energy in action. 
* Letting go equates to letting energy flow.
* It is up to you to save yourself, no one else or thing.
* Change yourself, rather than trying to change others.
* You cannot always control what happens, but you can control how you respond to it: control your own energy, rather than try to control others or possess things.
* You can add or subtract energy from yourself, to others—to the world.
* Life is an enfoldment, not an accumulation—especially not an accumulation of things.
* Attachment is a source of suffering, as it stops energy flowing.
* If you realize that all things change, then you won't try to hold on to them.
* Where attention goes energy flows.
* Act—energy works better with momentum.
* You don't have to compete for personal energy; there is plenty to go around.
* Doing things in a "loving" manner is energetically easier than doing them in a "negative" way.
* To change your circumstances change your energy flow.
* It is only when you stop asking important questions that you are truly lost.
* It is not a matter of how you look, but how you see.

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